Since a recent update, Bookwyrm can also import books from @inventaire to diversify the search results a bit. Other book sources are as well as other Bookwyrm instances, but you can also create books and editions in Bookwyrm itself. More connected sources are planned, stay tuned!

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@bookwyrm may i ask, can we import 's csv or excel files into bookwyrm? if not now, do you have a plan to make this function? thank you 🙏

@jiangshanghan Currently that's not possible unfortunately. Afaik nobody in the Bookwyrm team can read Chinese, do you know if there's an English documentation?
May I ask you to open an issue on about this? If not, could you provide some more info on here so we can add the issue? Can't promise on if or when it's done, but it would certainly make sense if douban allows some "export books only" - function.

@bookwyrm oh thanks for reply!
actually i v got a software which made by others and it can export douban books data, but not sure can we upload it or set issues/fork into your github. page.
ye i found there is not many chinese books on bookwyrm unfortunately :0170:

@jiangshanghan That's true. We'll have a look on how to handle cases like this!

@bookwyrm i just find we can add new book on bookwyrm but maybe can we set different languages version instead of just set new one? or just need to input the isbn numbers for find books and add them into our read list ❤️

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