今日AO3中 #DoctorWho Tag的更新(1/3) 

Stars in His Eyes by Darci
They say the old man has been here for hundreds of years.

今日AO3中 #DoctorWho Tag的更新(2/3) 

@shinybot (2/3)
ghosts of their past by starryflower
“Sometimes,” Amy rasped, her voice thick with sorrow, “sometimes I wonder if he thinks about us,” she admits, words turning into whispers as she continues, “I know that he wasn’t alone after us, I hope he wasn’t. I just like to imagine that sometimes he looks up at the stars and that he thinks of us.”“He never liked endings, did he?” Rory chuckled, but ...

今日AO3中 #DoctorWho Tag的更新(3/3) 

@shinybot (3/3)
Ему тоже снятся кошмары by Kettriken
Давно ушедшие друзья возвращаются к Доктору во снах, а наяву он пытается отгородиться от воспоминаний, скрывая свою тревогу.

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